The human has expired

The human has expired

The world is busy about  the news of the end of the world and the destruction of the globe soon, but it is not new news, the world is basically destructive and expired.

One of my friends summed up this situation, citing this situation on his Facebook page and said,” I never care about the end of the world. I am one of those who believe that the human society with its human face is over. and the annihilation became the only solution, Observe the size of the brutality and the annual harvest of the crimes and you will know then that, the humanity has long since extinct, and only those corpses around you which are trying to buy and sell everything  were remain from this society.

So …How ?!

human has become even more savage, so that the savagery of the monsters can not be compared with the savagery of the human because the monsters have not been committed like the ugliness acts of human, the brutality of human is limitless, and the actions of the  human surpass the brutality of monsters.

The loss of man’s humanity is what makes many people whether individuals or groups and whether they are in power or outside power, resort to violence, organized and unregulated crime, bloodshed, repression and torture.

All these wars under different names such as religion, freedom, development and democracy caused by the human who kills his brother in the name of humanity!

And do not forget rape, theft, hatred, sectarianism, who does these behaviors, are they space beings or animals ?!

What humaneness are you talking about? You have become as close as possible to sympathy, cooperation, tolerance and love, and some people are fighting love and anyone who is different from them.

what are you talking about? Are you aware of your actions? Or are you hiding behind a curtain of stupidity?

If the end of the world and man mean the end of your heinous acts, then it is okay, perhaps in the end everyone can live in peace.